Student Training & Workshops

Student Training & Workshops

Student Training & Workshops (Below 18)

It is very essential to lay a healthy foundation of development for children right from their school days, enabling them to grow into strong, confident and amazing adults. Providing them with opportunities to spark their curiosity, nurture their creativity and strengthen their character leads them to becoming adults with a healthy self esteem and an empowering mindset

With special attention to varied learning styles and employing the most modern trends of classroom management, we provide highly educating, engaging and entertaining training modules for students as well as teachers teaching these students.

Our student training modules are:

1. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

2. Emotional Intelligence & Empathy

3. Goal Setting

4. Finding your Passion

5. Time Management & Effectiveness

6. Speech and Drama

7. Creativity & Problem Solving

8. English Language Skills

9. Grooming & Etiquette ( By our Associates)

Graduates / Degree College Students / MBA Colleges/ Job Seekers Training & Workshops

Your degree might get you a job, but your skills will help you retain the job. Employability depends on your knowledge, skills and attitudes and how you present them to your employers. Now, more than ever recruiters are looking beyond the material mastered in classrooms. Nine in ten employers acknowledge that they are asking their employees to take on more responsibilities and to use a broader range of skills than in the past.

Along with good technical understanding and subject knowledge, employers often outline a set of skills that they expect an ideal employee to possess. These skills are what they believe will equip the employee to carry out the role to the best of their ability. Various reports and recruitment insights have pointed to the fact that, When it comes to a job seeker’s skills, employers are looking for team players who can solve problems, organize their work, and communicate effectively. More often than not, skills like effective oral and written communication, creativity and critical thinking, leadership, team work, adaptability, self motivation, networking, problem solving, selling skills, negotiation and assertiveness make it to the list of “ Top must-have skills” for college graduates/job-seekers/ employees etc.

Our student training modules are:

1. Campus to Corporate

2. Group Discussion & Personal Interview

3. Business Communication

4. Advanced Presentation Skills

5. Negotiation & Assertiveness

6. Creativity & Lateral Thinking

7. Grooming & Etiquette ( By our Associates)

8. Personal Branding

9. Leadership and Team Work


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Corporate Associations & Professional Clients

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